Name some discreet flirting methods?

My one is very quick and sharp like a hot knife through butter. I make the girl laugh and as soon as she laughs I break the touch barrier and it works a charm before backing off to make them think about me.

But some girls are very discreet. Name some of yours?
I am not looking for methods to flirt I'm just curious to hear what people do.

Like maybe there's methods girls use on guys


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What Girls Said 1

  • Honestly I was thinking about what Tony told you to do that day and I thinking it in a deeper way that would make me crazy addicted to the male , like he would probably be the only one I would think about all the time, but in one way or another a female is a female. We come around as strong and badass sometimes but the truth is that we have a personality too and if the playing and teasing becomes too addictive, it can damage us in a way that just CAN'T be fixed anymore, it hurts the ego and lowers our self esteem
    every addictive thing is a bad thing
    ... that was deep lol but that's just what I think


What Guys Said 1

  • why are you looking for a discreet method so badly? where are trying to flirt with them


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