Should I just date someone or wait? I'm so indecisive?

I haven't dated anyone in a year and a half, there's been some guys that have told me they've liked me but I just never feel like it. Even if I like them a little bit I feel like I could do better ya know. Is this normal or should I just date someone even if I'm not 100% sure about them? Or should I wait for someone I'm really really like?


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  • I know what you are feeling!! Sometimes you think it would be nice, just to have SOMEONE, to cuddle, hold, and talk with, especially on Holidays, and Valentine's is coming!!
    I'm a little older, and have done that thing, trying just to like someone, that I KNOW, in my heart, isn't right, just wanting that connection, that physical touch of another person, and it seems so seductive, so desirable, but YOU KNOW YOU don't feel anything, for them! Isn't that a lie?
    I did it, and I admit it, trying to FORCE the feeling that I CRAVED!! It NEVER WORKS!! It leaves you feeling horrible, like you used someone, like you lied, and deceived, just for some some feeling, that didn't feel good, but rather 'hollow' and disgusting!!
    I'm still trying to find that one, special person, that I can love, and trust, and care for, and she reciprocates those feelings. Maybe I will never find her, but I would rather be alone, with my integrity, than lie, and pretend to be something I am not, just to try to be with someone, and hurt her, when she figures out that she isn't the one.

    • Yeah that's so true that's exactly how I feel. Sometimes I really just miss having a boyfriend someone to comfort you when you're sad. I've felt horrible the last few months and I just wish someone was there to hold me and help me

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    • I agree, it's hard for me to go against wanting that though. I'm trying to realize those things

    • Trust that I know too!! Maybe a little dog, or a snuggly Teddybear?

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  • That is perfectly normal. If you are not a 100% sure about being involved with someone, don't be.


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  • You shouldn't settle. You could try getting to know some guys as friends first and then later decide what you want to do after you know them better... but don't date someone just because you haven't dated anyone for a while. Those relationships would most likely Be a waste of time and money for them so you should probably be considerate.

  • Do whatever you feel is right for you. It OK to go out on dates with someone once or twice even if you're not interested. It at least means you given them a shot to impress you. Don't lie afterwards say you weren't interested in them over text.


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