I keep rejecting girls... Do you think this is wrong?

So I keep rejecting girls, and I think I have a wall around me that it makes it hard for anyone to get to know me. I don't really enjoy being all that social anyways. I don't think I've ever met my "type", I seem to want a girl version of me who has similar interests and style, but since I am so fringe-y and non-mainstream, I don't seem to ever find these types. I don't want to use these girls and dump them, or lead them a long, yet some of them seem to think that they can change my mind for some reason.
I think I might have problems but I am not sure, I don't think I have similar outlooks with most people around me.
Am I being too picky? Is this a problem or do some of you agree with me and are in a similar situation please let me know.


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  • I have the same problem word for word. Seriously. My requirements are kinda stricter than yours. She must be spiritual, not into mainstream 100% of the time, desires a relationship and submissive. She has be understanding, with flaws ( hate when they hide them) open minded, knows how to talk ( not no k, f9 & u, or yes, no. Hate when you ask her to explain how there day was. You get. " it was good." And that it. I get bored and Turn off.) women who over think but only listen to other girls thinking its a good idea. " guys like girl with big butts, play dumb, that can twerk, etc." anyway. Your not in the dark. People live this fantasy role to where as they have to 100% live the way the world wants them.


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