Can relationships form through a random encounter?

It seems like couples are met through classes, volunteering, work, party, high school/college, friends, etc, where they are not random approaches. I almost have never heard of any marriages occurred because a guy randomly approached a woman. However, I hope I am wrong because talking to random women is kind of the only way to find a girlfriend.

My friends are way too busy to introduce me to a female friend. Some of my friends are either struggling to find a girlfriend like myself, or they fucked her already. I don't go to school anymore. Also, don't find honey where you find your money. Nope, no one invites me to parties.


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  • I met my now ex at school, but it was random because we had no class together, no mutual friends. We just met by chance and talked talked a bit and then slowly started hanging out during our lunch and took it from there.

  • How come you can't meet someone at work? You could also try dating apps

    • If things don't go well, or that she has a boyfriend, things can go awkward. And I don't mean in a good way.

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