I have fordyce lips, would you still date me?

I'm 26 and it has been 8 years since I have had this condition on my lips called 'Fordyce' (google 'fordyce' lips for those who are unaware) it is very normal and not contagious but it just looks unaesthetic and unattractive. It's really hurting my self esteem and I get really anxious and feel hopeless when it comes to meeting women because I am afraid they will be disgusted. I believe I have a great personality but when I'm trying to have a face to face convo with a women.. once I catch them getting a good glance at it, I get really embarrassed and then my thoughts start to mess with me. It has come to a point now that I am starting to get depressed and it's starting to suck the life out of me and I do hope there is someone out there for me that would look passed it.

(I can provide pictures of myself, just PM me)


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  • Many people have them, it wouldn't be a deal breaker for me. I used to have a few as well but after particular care they've cleared up 90% (but I also could have just grown out of it with age).
    I wouldn't stress too much 😊

    • May I ask you what kind of treatment you used for the spots?

    • I started taking a multivitamin and increased a lot of darker green veg, do a (very) gentle sugar scrub once a week and put a light layer of coconut oil on morning and night. And I carry around a Chapstick/beeswax balm and never let my lips get dry anymore

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