Guy I'm seeing is still hung up about ex and she is thinking about taking him back,.. Do I just cut my losses now and bail or do I try to be friends?

The guy I've been seeing for the last month or so is still hung up on his ex. He clearly still wants to be with her and I think she's opening up to the idea of taking him back.

I've started to fall for him and hearing him talk about it hurts. Do I just quit now and just cut things off completely, or do I try and stay friends? I want him in my life and I'd be willing to try the friend thing but I don't know if it's going to be too hard. I really dont think I'm any competition for this girl, they were together for 2+ years and nearly engaged...


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  • Cut him out of your life now.

    • my head knows thats what i should do, but my heart doesn't want to :(

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