Am I a bad girlfriend?

My boyfriend is in the USMC and we are currently in a long distance relationship. Am I a bad girlfriend if I:
- Don't text him often or ask how his day went. I never initiated calling or Skype.
- Rarely initiate texting. If he doesn't reply, I leave it at that.
- Don't really care about his career or rank. I don't really care if he gets promoted or not. I also never post USMC girlfriend stuff on my wall or share anything like that.
- Recently, he is going on a second deployment and he said he may not come back until after that time. I replied "Good luck and take care."
Am I a bad GF? Do I sound mean when I said that?

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  • Having been in the Matine Corps I can say that you're a terrible girlfriend.

    People don't realize the agony of what we have to go through. Literally surrounded by other men 24/7 so your mind is constantly on her thinking about the next time you finally get to see her again. When you're in a relationship with a chick while in the military it can feel like she is the only person that maintains your distinction to reality. Sort of lets you know that there is a life outside of what you are going through.

    I have no idea why you with him or why he is with you. His convoy could hit an IED and he could be killed. You tel him good luck and take care? Wtf? Lmao

    • Why didn't he reply to me when I said that? What should I do now because I don't want to screw things up? Are you saying I'm terrible because I don't wear his rank, bits of his uniform and sharing "how hard it is being a marine gf" posts?

      I just want to give him space to develop and build himself. He needs time to breathe and hang out with his friends.

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    • He said he is going on a second deployment to Korea from Japan. I'm pretty sure he won't die in the process. I mean, he's not going on deployment to Iraq, Syria or Afghanistan so I think it's not a big deal? I don't know what to say to him, should I apologize? I just don't want to become a dependapotamus.

      It's a lot better than my last relationship with a soldier. He texted me pretty much 24/7 and I was freaking out. I didn't answer his phone calls and video calls. He blocked me on Skype to get attention. I threatened to break up so many times because I couldn't get space and he said he wanted to commit suicide.

    • Okay well at least he isn't deploying to country. Fuck that soldier. He's a pussy if he threatened suicide to save a relationship. You need to have this conversation with him. Ask him if you're being too distant. Having this conversation with me accomplishes nothing because I'm not in his shoes. You need to make a diligent effort to communicate though.

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  • I really can't tell you that you are or are not because mainly it's him being busy. But try to put the effort in to show that you still care and that you love him. That is whether he replies or not. He is busy with his job after all.

    • Why do people think I'm a bad girlfriend just because I'm not a patriotic dependa LOL

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    • Ur not and you don't have to give special treatment. Just try and explain how u feel about the whole communication situation with him when you can would be the best option. Your heart will tell you if u're not happy. Listen to it and at least try and talk to him!! I'm pretty sure that he's not happy that he can't talk to you as much as he'd like just as much as you are.

    • Thanks for telling me that. What should I do now? Why didn't he reply to me when I told him "good luck and take care"? What does he expect me to say?

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  • no, he should be the one to initiate Skype and texting because you don't know if he is busy, in trouble, or anything like that. also you wished him luck, I don't see the harm in that, there isn't a lot you can do on your side

    • I give him space to breathe, build himself and hang out with his friends. I know what he is going through. He is trying to conplete his degree and get an officer position. I also don't want to annoy him.

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    • Thanks! Though, why didn't he reply when I texted him "good luck and take care"? Is he angry with me?

    • may I know what his job is

  • Yes.

    • People are telling me that without producing an explanation.

  • The bastard might get blown to smitherines and you don't care. Yes you're a bad girlfriend

    • Why am I a bad girlfriend? Because I'm not a dependa, riding on my BF's rank and taking advantage of that? Because I don't show off that he's a marine? Big deal LOL

    • because you're a bitch

    • @Thelegend28 And... unable to produce an explanation as usual. Lol no justification.

What Girls Said 6

  • It sounds like a boyfriend, posting and pretending to be his girlfriend.

    • Can you tell me why I'm horrible?

    • If this was a LDR of mine, I'd think he was seeing someone else.

    • Why didn't he reply when I sent him "good luck and take care"?

  • You sound like a fucking shit girlfriend dump him so he can find someone better lmao

    • You didn't explain why though.

  • You don't care about him... break up

    • So I should wear his rank, pieces of his uniform, and post army/USMC girlfriend bullshit? Basically I should be a patriotic dependa?

  • yess somewhat

  • Yes. You are a bad girlfriend in my opinion.

    • Could you tell me why? People are telling me I am horrible, but are unable to produce an explanation.

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    • Well, I have become slightly better with this marine. We rarely argue and I never threatened to break up. I do try and answer his text messages when I have the time but I don't bug him if he doesn't answer mine. I am giving him space to hang out with his brothers in arms and build himself.

    • What should I do and say to compensate for what I've said? He's not replying to that message "good luck and take care."

  • If you feel the need to ask it, you probably are

    • Why didn't he reply when I texted "good luck and take care"? If he is angry, what does he expect me to reply?

    • Maybe he was busy or maybe you came off a bit cold and uninterested. He was probably expecting something more caring and less cold and formal