What should I do? I like my guy best friend who is also my really good friends boyfriend?

So I'm in the 8th grade and my two really good friends are dating. I used to have feelings for the guy, but I got over them and never expressed them to either of my friends. But recently, they've totally resurfaced. All I can think about is my guy best friend. I haven't done anything about it because I would never break up my two friends, but I don't know what I can do. It's not even that I want to date him really bad, because I'm at an age where we can't drive so having a "boyfriend" isn't necessary, but I do want them not together. I want him to like me, and maybe we can have a relationship later. But the problem is I feel like he likes me back now, he shows the signs kind of, but he is still with his girl friend. Even if they break up, I'm not sure if I could date him or make advances cause my ex asked her out and she said I'd never dated you because you dated my friend. So I don't want to betray her either because we are pretty close. I've been keeping in my feelings for about 4 months now. And a lot of people ship me and the guy. And he's really nice, funny, and smart. And I feel like he brings out the better side of me. And I really feel like he likes me, but I just don't get it. He's by no means a player, but I don't understand what's going on. I feel like I'm closer to him than his girlfriend. But even if things do work out for me I don't know what I could or should do. Any advice or thoughts on what he thinks?


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  • There are so many other guys around you, yet you fall for your friend's boyfriend? Anyway, if I were you I would actually avoid him till my feelings go away. You shouldn't do anything that will break them up.


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