Why does this guy keep giving mixed signals?

So there's this guy me and him used to talk but then this girl came so he kinda started taking to me less basically both me and this girl like him and who he likes I don't know. Tbh it kinda seemed like he liked her becsuse she follows him everywhere and he doesn't but he does apprch her sometimes but he approaches everybody too. But either way since he's not aporchinf me anymore to talk I thought that meant he choose the other girl (apparently him and the other girl were "touching" each other yesterday whike I wasn't there that's what she said. But then today at lunch he commented saying "why are you so quiet" I said "because I'm tired and I didn't sleep" and he just looked at me and smiled st me and said "so pretty" what does that mean? He's kinda sending me mixed signals here becsjxs here if shows that he might be interested in me but the girl said they did stuff so I don't know
Also how can I try to make him like me?
I just found out he doesn't like me that way he likes the other girl


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What Guys Said 2

  • may be his father in railways to change signals for train.😂

  • Maybe he's not sure about his feelings?


What Girls Said 1

  • First you can not make some one like you. If they do they do and if they do not then they dont. You should know that sometimes looks is not what the other person likes maybe he likes a clingy girl. All you can do is be your self, you seem young there will be plenty of other boys, just watch.

    • So you don't think he likes me? And should I be a little clingy too? (In genera)

    • I think if you act normal, he will come to you if he really likes you. And not really he would not allow another girl to be all over him if he really did and if he respected you.

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