Should I know anything before hand?

Grandmas meeting my boyfriend for the first time today😬 this is the first time I've had a family member meet my SO... is there anything I should know before this happens, like things to say not to say. That maybe you wish someone would have told you before?


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  • When he meets your grandma , let him offer a handshake to her
    and introduce himself , tell him don't take it personal if she refuses
    You're best to introduce him to her and that would show that you both
    care for each other. She may come out and say you don't need to call
    me Mrs Doe just call me Jane cause some people are like that depends
    your grandmas age too as well.


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  • Just make sure your so behaves, is respectful.

    • Thanks for the MHO💟
      How did it go with Grandma and your bf?

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    • Oh good.

    • but thanks for the advice, i kept it mind when i watched him meet her. and i didn't have to tell him anything, he was lovely and respectful

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  • Hide the knives and forks!


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  • Not sure Here, dear, if Grandma is Sugar and Spice or naughty and Not so Nice. You never Said.
    However, one thing I do Know for Sure is when my own Grandma was Alive... She could Spot a Hot Jive, which means Someone, hun, who was Not an Honest John. They have this Certain Intuition.
    Good Luck and Tell him to Begin his Beguine with a Hug. xx