Should I stop looking for a girl for now?

In the past ~3 months I've been in 4 relationships with girls online, after meeting them all in online games and messaging apps. so should I take a break from any relationships and if so how long?

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  • Wait a 2 weeks
  • Wait a month
  • Wait 3 months
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  • Oh my gosh, your in 4 relationships with girls online.
    Damn, i feel sorry for those girls.
    This is just, like.. arghh.. unbelievable.
    Why would you even wanna date online? Well, sure flirting and getting all kinky is a lot of excitement, but dude. Your only 15. I think you should take a break.
    I can't tell you for how long you should take a break, just for as long as you want. Until you think your ready to... i dont know, date the girls again?
    And dont stop, you can keep on searching and flirting. Thats the life of a player, it'll be quite a rollarcoaster ride when your a senior in high school.

    • I'm not a player -_- , they were all at separate times and they both asked and dumped me

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    • Yup! Your definitely misinformed.
      Anyway, take a good rest.. sleep tight, make sure the online girls dont bite.

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  • Sure, you might find one passed out behind the dumpster at a local club.


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  • I'd say for at least another 3 years.

  • you should wait a bit

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