Would sexting a girl make you not want to date her?

Mainly geared towards guys, but girls feel free to pitch in. If you ask a girl for like nudes or sexy pics either on text or Snapchat and you're not dating yet, would her sending you those pictures make you not want to date her in the future?
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  • I really don't care for sexting, or sending pics, I'm more interested in the real person. Talk is cheap.

    • I'm going off of the assumption that the man has asked the woman for the pictures. If she complied, would that change your opinion about her, or make her unsuitable to date?

    • I've never asked for nude pics.
      The only time I want to see pics is when meeting her to see if she's fat or not, but after that, then I'm not a big fan of sexting, unless it's on some role playing, or something like that, which at the end of the day, there should be some action. My honest opinion, sexting is what HS kids do, because they don't have their own place.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I think you should refrain yourself from guys who ask for nudes, and send dick pics in return, because it is obvious what they want. they will casually date you and fuck you, but they will not commit to you if you want commitment. and you would have trust issues about him asking other girls for similar kinds of photos

    • Amen. Dating will probably never be someone who sexts prerogative.

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    • There are people who have sex before they get into the relationship as well. Sometimes it works. Does the same apply to sexting?

    • Having sex and sending nudes etc are not the same thing as long as you dont shoot a video of the sex session you have. Sex is done and gone. He has no proof to threaten you or uploading your stuff on certain websites. For snapchat, maybe it is better than direct message where he can save and send others. However, i would not recommend just because you're going on dates. If he was a decent person, instead of asking for those photos of you, he would simply like to spend time with you. Also, if you really like to send your nudes, just be careful that nothing that may be identified with you appears on the phone, use definitely headless nudes and use snapchat to make sure the message will be deleted.

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  • sort of, but probably not for the reasons you're thinking. I assume girls who want to 'sext' with me are basically just looking for cheap entertainment, and, in fact, have less interest in taking it further and/or meeting in person than any girl who I don't sext with. So, I guess I just don't think of dating girls that I sext.

  • No, if i sext a girl thats usually a sign of sexual compatibility. If i had an interest in dating her that will only increase it.

  • that makes no sense, why would I not be interested because of that?

  • I've never asked a girl for nudes, but I've had some send me nudes before meeting them or after the first date and they ended up being crazy. Just like a guy asking for nudes, I can only imagine their intentions are the same. I probably figure they send them to others too.

    I never sent nudes back though because if they wanna see me naked, they'll see it in person.

  • No I'll probably like her


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