Is he still mad?

Last night my boyfriend and I got into an argument over directions. (I got us lost) So he obviously got a little upset. So did I.. I felt so dumb. We were both tired and we just really wanted to get home. But here we where.. lost. We didn't speak pretty much the entire drive. Before he dropped me off, we talked about it. We seemed to have made up.. he left. He calls me later and he seems to be irritated about the whole situation again. Again, we talk it out.. before we hang up everything seems fine again. Saying he misses me and that he loves me. Etc. Now today, he's not picking up my calls. He reads my text messages and doesn't reply. What's the deal? Is What should I do?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Relax. You're overthinking this. Maybe he got busy. Maybe his laundry just finished. Maybe the new episode of Walking Dead is on. Just chill. Give it a bit and let him cool off. He'll be back. I promise you that.

    • All of those would have been acceptable reasons. But his was.. He said he wanted to make me miss him 😑

    • That was a bad thing for him to do; are you back to talking again?

What Girls Said 1

  • He's acting really childish tbh

    • Childish Af! He wanted me to miss him 😑

    • You should do it back to him lol see how he likes it.

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