Getting messaged by a classmate on POF?

So I had a class with this guy a few months ago. He was obviously attracted to me and would compliment me everyday I came into class. Even when we would have breaks in class and I had to walk past him to get to my seat he would compliment me. At the time I was in a relationship but it didn't really affect anything because even if I wasn't I still wouldn't be interested. We really don't have anything in common and he's not my type. I've seen him around campus since the class ended and he said hi and kept walking. Well, I just joined POF and low and behold, he messages me! He said hi and asked me how I'm doing.

Should I respond? Respond to tell him that I'm not interested. I never said it when we had class together because he never actually asked me out he just made it really obvious that he is interested. Would I look like a bitch if I just ignore him?

So most of you think I should message him back... But what should I say. All he said was hi and how are you. Should I just couple that with I'm not interested. I want to be polite but I also would never try to lead him on


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  • most guys on POF pretty much expect to get ignored by now , its a pretty tough site to get responses on from my past experiences.

    the only difference is that you actually know each other so its not a random message in the sense and that makes it more weird and complex but it would still be ok for you to ignore the message


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  • You should definitely tell him that you are not interested.


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  • Respond and ask him what he wants, but tell him you are not interested if he wants something romantic.

  • For both your sake and his, make it clear you aren't interested.


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