Do you think he likes me?

There’s a guy I like and he was in my class for 1 year. At the end of that year, I asked him a question that was related to schoolwork and then we became friends. I gave him my email and he gave me his so that if we have a problem we would contact each other.

The year after we weren’t in the same class anymore. Sometimes, I used to email him just to say hello. I was always the one who contact him; however, when we see each other he used to nod first. We don’t have any mutual friends and we don’t spend time together.

Then, I invited him to a social network where he made his account and sent me a friend request. After a while, I was passing through a bad moment and so, we had a fight and did not talk for a long time. I was extremely sorry and so I apologized for many times. Around two months later, he decided to forgive me. A month later, I found some articles to help him for school and sent them to him and he was really grateful.

This year we aren’t in the same school. We don’t make any contact with each other. However, strangely enough, three months ago, he sent me an email to help him in a school related thing and he also gave me his number. He told me not to reply to that email but to message him on his number. I did so, and he thanked me and that was the last time I heard from him.

Do you think he likes me? What should I do, in order to show him that I like him and maybe some day we could hang out together?


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  • hey um I think he likes you only as a friend.. BUT y don't you ask him to hangout sometime and walk around or something. and its not always the desparate move for the girl to ask a guy to hang out I mean I do it but just as friend.

    • Ic... oh yeah it's a great idea but I don't know how to ask him. I mean we don't have any mutual friends and I have no idea what can I tell him in order to hang out together just as friends. By the way, I am a shy person and I think he also is (but he's less shy than me) that's another problem. Any help?

    • Okay so what you can do is like...

      ask him to go hang out at the mall

      so you guys won't be alone ask him to bring a "guy" friend and you bring a "girl" friend. so it will be like a double date and it won't be so akward. just by doing that it helps him get comfertable with you. also by bring yur friend it will give you a chance to have a mutual friend. and its okay if your shy toward the people I don't really talk to but once I get to know them its a whole different ball park lol...

      any other

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  • questions just askk < this is a continuation of my comment I didn't have enough space to right all of that =DHoppe I helppped

    • Of course you helped :) thanks a lot for your time and this great idea :) ... I'll try this for sure this summer :)

  • I think he likes you as a friend,if he had actual feelign for you

    he wouldn'r of watied to talk to you after months.