How do I help my girlfriend get over her trust issues?

I've been dating this girl for coming up on 1 year, and we truly love each other, but occasionally whenever I do something like not text her back all day cause I'm busy, she'll start overthinking things and start thinking that I don't want to talk to her or something. She doesn't get mad, she's just been kicked around a lot during her life and doesn't want her heart to get broken again, so she gets nervous.
She just has trouble believing that I truly love her sometimes cause she's had her heart broken so many times.


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  • Just never stop reassuring. It's what she needs. You might have been dating a year, 3 years, 6 years, whatever. But she will still need reassurance sometimes. Just a compliment here and there or a random text to show you're thinking of her. If she's open about it then just be there for her and actually respond. If you don't respond then she might not think you care. We just want to be understood D: Whenever she starts overthinking just reassure her and she will soon calm down. She might even tell you about it because she just wants you to reassure her but doesn't want to sound crazy. Sometimes even subconsciously start arguments to get some sort of reaction/attention.

    Sometimes us girls do start overthinking, "is he not as interested anymore", "am I boring him?", "why has this suddenly changed?". If you've been doing the same thing, something simple as texting her every morning, or putting a couple of "x"s at the end of a text... Then that one time you don't do it? She will notice and start overthinking. "Maybe he's mad at me? What have I done? Did I say something?".. Sounds crazy right? Don't worry we FEEL crazy as well. It's honestly not even something we can really help because it's our own mind just playing tricks on us. Sometimes we say "it's just in my head" and then other times it gets harder and harder to ignore. I don't know if it's just me but the week before my period is just the worst for this. I even know that and I still let my head play tricks on me :(


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  • Just be a great boyfriend and be reassuring.

    • I feel like we should be past these things by now though since we've almost been dating for a whole year.

    • You could talk to her about it. But it can take a long time to build trust, especially if that trust has been broken by others before.

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