How do I make a move on my friend?

This is quite long, you don't have to read at al. I have a good friend that I've liked for some time now, since we met actually about five months ago. We got close and he even became part of my circle of friends. I've always felt a connection between the two of us but he started dating a girl shortly after we met so I stepped off. He broke up with her a few weeks ago and we have started hanging out again. Recently, I've had this strong feeling that he likes me back. The thing is he hasn't made any sort of move on me and a mutual friend of ours said he wouldn't make a move on any of the girls in our group of friends as it leads to complications. I respect this decision but at the same time I really like him and can't help but want more with him. I tried the "just friends" things but anyone who sees us knows that we are more than that. My dilemma is, how do I go on about approaching him about this without making things awkward and risking our friendship? My fear also comes from the fact that he may not even like me as more of a friend or might deny what we have in order to keep that balance that's so important o him. Thanks in advance.


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  • I would you recommend you to hold him by his hips and kiss him


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  • Look, if you think about starting a relationship with your friend, the possibility that your friendship will end is huge. I have been though that. I was in a relationship with my best friend and now we are practically strangers. It's a huge risk.


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