My Ex and I are now best friends, do we want to reconnect sexually?

So my Ex and I had a really messy breakup. Essentially there wasn't a specific reason we broke up other than that she didn't want to date me any more because she felt like she wasn't going to be able to do it 100%. A bunch of other things happened and both of us gut hurt in the process. Recently, we reconnected, explained our feelings, and now are like best friends. The thing is, she broke up with me and wanted to be friends. After our conversation I felt like that was okay. However, we are becoming really close friends again and in many ways, when we hang out, it feels like we are dating (just without the sexual aspects). The problem is that in many ways I am being hurt because I want to be in a relationship and I feel like we are but we are just missing the sexual/romantic aspects. However, the thing is, should I reopen that envelope? In many ways I want to restart our relationship, but I can also see it being a can of worms that destroys what we built back up. What should I do? Stay friends? Date her? or Break things off completely? (I really don't want the last option but it might be necessary).
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  • Nope.. she's an ex.. just stay friends. You might end up getting hurt again

    • So you suggest staying friends but not breaking things off?

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    • I don't know.. that's a tough one. All I can say is try to make plans when she's not around

    • ok. Thanks for all the help

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