Weird dating agreement?

So I ask this girl out but she says she doesn't want to rush things but she likes and she wants us to be together but not together like I'll be committed to her but we aren't actually boyfriend and girlfriend and we aren't even gonna kiss... I'm thinking about not even agreeing guys. Please what do you guys think?


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  • How is that boyfriend and girlfriend if you can't call it that or physical contact? Might aswell be friends...

    • Well thanks because that's pretty much I'll tell her

    • Well you should. As its the same thing

    • Yeah thanks a lot

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  • does she ever want those things? is this her way of going slow? what does she want NOW. did you ask. other than saying she wants to be together. like, what does that mean to her?

    • I asked her but she doesn't want those yet and she wants me to be committed but isn't even ready to date yet she wants time

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