I cry after sex , am I living a lie?

I'm dating a girl, and we have sex but as soon as I have sex with her and I get off,
I feel like WTF, I rush to bathroom and cry as if I did some mistake. There is no passion in sex either,
sex feels good but im not satisfied, I dont feel complete , i think that something is missing.

Actually, I met a girl, and I just cannot get her off my mind, immediately after sex, she is the one I remember and I miss her badly. She was the perfect girl I ever met.

I know this is wrong with the girl im dating, I feel guily as fck. Am I really living a lie?

  • Yes- you are living a lie, you are lying to yourself and with the girl you are dating. you should go and talk to that girl whom you are missing, because deep down you love her.
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  • Yes- you are living a lie, you are lying to yourself and with the girl you are dating. You should stop dating this girl unless you completely forget about the other girl. You should not use someone just for the sake of sex.
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  • No - you are fine, you will forget about her over time, it happens to everyone. Don't stop dating this girl.
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  • Well, I think you've answered your own question. There's really no point in dating someone for whom you don't have any feelings. It's not fair to either of you, and for hers and yours sake, you should brake up with her. You know it's wrong to keep living a lie- your body is basically telling you that- so stop hurting yourself and just let her go. You should definitely talk to this girl that you like. You've said it yourself. I know it's scary to dive into the unknown and there's no guarantee it'll pay off but living a lie isn't really living.


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  • u need therapy


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  • Sounds like you have more feelings for the girl you think about and when you have sex you feel guilty because certain emotions aren't there for you. Stop having sex with her if it isn't for you it will only end up hurting someone


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  • you're useless why you cry wtf

  • Who gives maybe you gay. Just ride it out