What do guys say when they are playing you?

Hi, I'd like to know the things that players will say to you when you go out for a couple of dates? The most common or different they may be. How to catch out a player early before you fall head over heals.


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  • I think the reason girls get played, is because they're too busy looking out for "what" a guy tells them.

    A guy is either playing you, or he isn't. And if he is, he has all the motivation necessary, to not do a half-@ss job at it. That means, he'll the "what" & "how" he says things, will be exactly the same as someone who isn't playing you.

    It's just like acting. Nobody is dying or getting killed in the movie. But it doesn't stop you from crying or feeling scared. The theory is the same. Immitating reality; creating an act. When players create an act, they give you the information necessary for you to respond the way they want you to.

    The best way to see who is playing you, is to see how they date you.

    Player Strategy 101:

    - Quid pro Quo: As Claire Danes says in Stardust; "I would give my love to you unconditionally, and ask or expect nothing in return". Players don't share that philosophy. Instead, they play by slightly different rules.

    UNLESS (I get what I want), YOU WON'T (get what you want)


    IF (I get what I want), THEN YOU (get closer to getting what you want)

    Though if this tactic was somehow copyrighted or trademarked, the royalties would surely go to women. Men have simply borrowed & built upon the same principles.

    What is a guy most often "playing" a girl for? Money? No. A relationship? No. Free labor? No. It's sex. Why? Mostly because of insecurity. He thinks she would otherwise not be open to the idea of just having sex with him, without a relationship or anything emotional, so he gives her the impressing that there might be, even though the possibility of there ever really being anything there between them, is zero.

    It's quite simple.

    Girls proclaims;

    Unless I'm in a relationship, and we both love & care for each other; I'm not having sex.

    Guy analyzes this dilemma, and quickly finds a solution to overcome this little bump on the road.

    Guy proceeds with;

    I will let her believe that we've satisfied whatever pre-requisite she deems necessary prior to sex, so we can have sex, even though, the pre-requisite is in reality, not really satisfied. (Hence, sex has been had, but they're not REALLY in a relationship or in love)


    A guy knows if he gives up all his bargaining chips, he also gives up all incentive for the girl to want to have sex with him. So a player will do everything BUT be in a closed & serious relationship with the girl, prior to sex (just like a female player will do everything BUT have sex with a guy prior to a closed & serious relationship)

    To seal the deal,

    The player needs an emotional power-play. The best tool to his disposal is a girl thinking she's testing him by "waiting before they have sex". This only buys the player more time for the girl to become more emotionally invested in him and to fall for him. Once she's fallen for him, he can do whatever he wants with her.

    This concludes Player Strategy 101


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  • well they don't necessarily say things, it's more of 'doing things'. for example he won't show you his texts or calls. he won't show you his emails or Facebook. he won't show you things he has got from someone else. so yeah he will try and hide things from you.


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  • they will be staring at other girls and chattin them up and they won t really care about you or show much feelings believe me you would know if he is a player :)

    can you please answer my question on the man who stare at me I need more advice thanks !