Ex-confusion, help?

I need other peoples opinions who don't know my ex. Everyone at school has a tendency to pick his side, just because he's extremely personable, funny, and outgoing... Throw in the fact that he's never had a girlfriend longer than 3 months, (I dated him for about 9) and well... then you get the whole school convinced that you're the perfect person for him.

Personally, I've already made up my mind about never dating him again... and I wanted to know if it was a reasonable choice, considering what happened.

I met him, and I was still dating my other ex... (but it was nothing serious, AT ALL) Anyways, I ultimately broke up with him, and started dating the issue. We were together about a month, and then it was summer time. We spent every single day together, no lie. Everything seemed like bliss. We were together about 2 months, and then we hooked up... That same month, he cheated on me with a friend from 7th grade... Although he swears it was just a kiss, and he was DRUNK off his ass... I can't help but wonder, If it was a small insignificant kiss... and you were SO drunk, why would you remember something like that? Anyways, I told him to just not do it again, and it was okay... and (how stupid.) SO! Everything was fine, we continued our summer together, I should have seen the signs though, he never had any money, always had it for drugs, always had the time to go party, but never to actually go out to dinner with me... Of course, ya know.. I paid. Anyways... We were okay for about a few more months, and then my parents told me I couldn't see him anymore, so we snuck around for a while. Anyways, he convinced me that we had a bad relationship because we could only hang out while doing something, like going to the mall, or park, or whatever (Which personally... was a lot cooler than hanging out in my room all the time) So! Like an idiot, I tell him. "Fine, I understand that we can't really hang out, and I'm sorry... and I know its my parents fault, which makes it mine... SO... If something happens with you and someone else at a party, because you're drunk and you can't keep it in your pants, I guess I understand.. But I don't want to hear about it, I don't want anyone else to know about it... and this isn't your get out of jail free card." The very next day in school, he finds this girl that I've known since like, 8th grade... Told her that I didn't like her. (Which I don't, because she's trashy... but it still wasn't his place to tell her... he was MY boyfriend, shouldn't I be able to tell him things?) So, he hangs out with her, during school... and makes out with her, promises on everything to me that NOTHING happened... tells me 2 months later... So the final straw was him hanging out with some girl behind my back, when I needed him, AND talking sh*t about me, and saying how miserable he was. The doctor gave me bad news...I was scared, and hurt, and I needed a friend. We're over now, gimme your thoughts?


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  • you did give him a get out of jail free card. So he could do ANYTHING he wanted to if he got excited but just wasn't supposed to tell you. It's hard to find a man out there that would resist. You're far too young to expect him to appreciate your gesture of 'freedom' in hopes that he won't hurt you by getting it on with another girl...many girls. You've moved on...so MOVE on. Don't even look back. :) And find a guy who doesn't do drugs. They probably will never stop using. It only gets worse.

    • Yeah, I guess I did... But he was supposed to use the card if he was at a party, and I wasn't there... ya know? it was supposed to be like, hey... I understand sh*t happens... I understand that we haven't been able to do anything in a while.. so, I get it... but HE wasn't supposed to go behind my back, during school, (when he could have totally texted me and said come out side) and screw me over. but, you're completely right. <3 Thank you

    • Hun. Don't sleep with a guy if you don't love each other. It's not okay for him to sleep with someone else JUST cos you're not around. This is not how you build relationship foundation.

    • Thats the thing though, I THOUGHT (Stupid stupid thought) I loved him... Truly I did... but... I don't know, apparently.. the feelings weren't mutual... which kinda sucks. And its not like I'm over here crying about it, its just that he keeps calling and texting me, and saying that I'll never find anyone else, blahblahblah. And I just wanted to see if everyone else thought he was a tool too. Haha.

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  • He's still a flipping child! Go find a man that actually will treat you right.

    : (

    You gave him trust and he threw it away, don't ever date him unless you know he's not a slut anymore. Seriously sex is addicting but you shouldn't ever cheat on someone you love. try to forget him and move on, you probably could do so much better!

  • he's a total twat by the sounds of it. MOVE ON GIRL.

    • Thank you <3 :] I have moved on... He just keeps calling/texting and saying it was all my fault, and I screwed up and I'll never find anyone as good as him... so I just wanted to see if people agreed with him, or me. Thanks so much for answering<3 :]

    • He texts you about how great he is??? hahahahahahha come on see the funny side. Laugh and move on up!

    • OH MY GOD. Yes!! He does. all the time. I swear, he does his hair more than I do. He's constantly looking in the mirror, The song "You're so vain" By carly simon... TOTALLY about him. Valentines day we were gonna go to the movies, and before the movies he was like "Hey.. uhh.. can you dress nice tonight?" And I'm like, "?! we're sitting in the DARK" and its not like he EVER paid. Infact, he didn't that time either, he said (half way up the escalator) "hey babe, I'm runnning a little short on money" UGH. loll :]