Please read the whole thing I am extremely heartbroken and need advice?

I've been knowing a guy for 4 months we have not had sex. right when i met him he came on really strong and ever since he has called me every day, usually at night and we talk for hours. we even fall asleep on the phone. he used to be super excited about me and always wanted to see me but id turn him down just because i was scared to get close to him so wed only see each other on the weekend because thats how i wanted it. now I've decided that i do want to spend
more time with him but he isn't as keen on seeing me. we hungout Friday and we didn't even kiss the whole night because i was so drunk, and i was talking to his friend in a drunken state more than i was talking to him. he seemed vert upset. i tried making plans with him the next day (saturday) and he agreed but at night didn't call me to confirm. he called me (sunday night) to ask about my day and i opened up and told him how i was upset and i wanted to be with someone who is really excited to see me and seems like he isn't. he said that if i was going to be the type of girl who always waited for
him to call me it wasn't going to work out and basically said that he didn't call me because after Friday he was over it and didn't feel like hanging out with me the very next day. i was so hurt i told him okay then no point in keeping this going he said ok and i hung up. i am extremely heart broken as he was always sooo nice to me, hed chase after me if i ever threatened to leave. i never expected him to be so harsh. we are not boyfriend girlfriend yet.


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  • dear anonymous girl,
    if there is anyone to blame in this story, it would be you.
    i mean, if i was him. i would've dumped you in 3 days limit with such treatement.
    it is definitly not you who should lead the relationship. yet, you did. and that's just so wrong.

    • but i was trying to fix things thats why i told him i wanted to hangout again Saturday and the fact that hed rather not is just devastating to me. if he really liked me still, wouldn't he be super happy that i wanted to go out with him again? if he calls me does that mean he still likes me? or could he just be bored?

    • well, obeviously during those four months he's so into you. but you were just like to hard to catch. you were putting yourself on a padetal. and that's just not right.
      and forcing him to see you just on weekends, come on !!!
      you know, guys don't show this. but they're really hurt by that kind of treatement.
      so, i suggest you either go and fix things with him by talking about how stupid you were. or, forget about him cause you've done enough already

What Girls Said 1

  • He can't wait around forever.


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