How do I handle a girl not ready for a relationship?

I had a thing with a girl for a month or so and ended up liking her a lot. I am certain it was mutual, awesome sex, multiple times. Going out and eating, texting and flirting non stop.

We got a little too close too fast and it scared her, she pulled away and is super distant now. She has explained that she isn't ready for a relationship yet and found it painful to get close because she liked me.

As a simple man I just don't understand. If you want a thing why not pursue it? If you like it why stop it?

How should I handle it? Should I just give her all the distance and wait for her? I worry what we had would decay over time in that scenario.

Should I be persistent and pursue? Is that endearing?

Should I keep it real chill and just ask her out every couple weeks until she comes around?


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What Girls Said 1

  • I'd actually move on. She is probably trying to string you along or something.


What Guys Said 1

  • Lay low... No pressure. Wait a couple of weeks...


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