Is it normal not to have kissed after your first three dates?

My boyfriend and I have been going out for a while now and its already been three dates and we haven't kissed yet. Is it normal? He's kinda shy and we've talked about taking things slow but I'm just worried.


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  • Hello,

    Most guys would have kissed on the first date, I personaly do it on the 2nd date unless I suspect there not interested in me and then I try kiss to test them..

    if its the 3rd date and he hasn't kissed you yet he's TALKED ABOUT IT (why would he talk about it and not just do it?), then I would sugest maybe you need to make the first move. I know this isn't the norm as men are my nature the agressor.. after youve had your next date. don't tell him your going to just go in, if he hasn't kissed before then he may be scared about been a bad kissed in that moment so be ready for some strange movements..

    However once the ice has been broken he will be a lot more relaxed..

    Good Luck


    • We've kind of talked about it...i did tell him that I was glad we were taking things slow. I've thought about making the first move I just don't know if guys typically don't like that.

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  • I am confused. How can he be your boyfriend if you have only gone on 3 dates and you have not kissed?

    I personally think 3 dates without a kiss is the sign of a guy who is repressed. Now, if you told him that it was very important to take things slow for you, he may just be respecting your wishes. But, I just went through this with a guy who did not kiss me until after 3 dates and the kisses were so weak and horrible when they did start. Ended up he was a very timid guy and after 5 months that still was the case. He was sexually repressed and he was 35, so it wasn't that he was "shy" he just honestly will never be a dynamo in this department.

    • We've known each other for a long time...the physical part of the relationship just hasn't started yet (I guess that's what you could say)