Have you ever had something fail with someone before it began, and you tried again months/years later?

Say you meet someone, you hit it off but for some reason things weren't working at the time, outside factors played a roll or something, and so whatever you had didn't turn into a relationship, it just almost did but didn't. Then later down the line you either wanted to try again or you did try again. What made you want to try again, what caused it to not begin in the first place? Any stories welcome.
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  • Yes. 20 years later, it failed VERY MISERABLY. I was to blame the first time, I left. She was NOTHING like she had been...20 years later. The attitude... MY GOD! Fright Night!

    • Your age says 21 though?

    • A typo. My partner was distracting me as I was filling all of this out. I couldn't figure out how to change it, so I just state it whenever a question warrants it.

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