Could this possibly be true?

I have been talking to this guy for 7 months (not in a relationship) we both live in different states, and back in October I went to go visit him and we had an amazing weekend, we had sex... my first time! We are not in a boyfriend-girlfriend type of relationship but our "relationship" has a lot of tension. Over the weekend I sent him a text telling him that I hope he has a great weekend, and to not get anyone pregnant, he wrote "lol I won't, I actually haven't had sex since you, I'm hibernating." He didn't say those exact words, it was more vulgar, but he did say he hasn't had sex. I was definitely surprised, we had sex at the end of October, he's an attractive guy, he really hasn't had sex? Why lie though? We aren't even in a relationship. I am supposed to go see him again in a few weeks. I haven't had sex with anyone else either... but he is my first. I am 21 he is 26.


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  • Yes, it could be true, but that doesn't mean he has feelings for you or something.


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