My girlfriend's only friend for 6 years was her ex. When we started dating he got his of girlfriend and stopped talking to her completely, now he's back?

My girlfriend has the worst luck when it comes to friends. From what I can see all the girls don't like her and all the guys she meets just want to have sex with her. When it comes to girls I feel like it's always some sort of competition between them. She is much more attractive than the average female if I'm being honest and completely objective. She is also a model and she does acting and stuff like that. She is REALLY NICE to everybody she meets, so it's not like she's a b**** to everybody and makes it seem like she's better.

With guys all they want is one thing and I tell her this constantly and she gets so mad at me because they're the only people that will give her attention other than myself. As soon as the guys find out we're together they drop her like she was nothing and she gets so upset.

Now her ex boyfriend, who was her only friend for 6 years, all of a sudden comes back into her life after not speaking to her for almost a year. The first thing she tells me is "He doesn't mean anything to me anymore." Which is a blatant but I digress. She was so eager to have somebody else to hang out with that she just seemed to forget all the awful things he did to her and said to her when we first started dating. But he told her that he doesn't want to be seen with her or want people to know they hang out. Now as a boyfriend, I am completely against her hanging out with this guy for any reason, but I make exceptions for her because she cannot make any friends at all. Why would she want to be friends with someone that told her straight up that he doesn't want to be seen with her? She puts so much effort into keeping someone that only wants her to his convenience. And I KNOW FOR A FACT that he is going to find another girlfriend and stop talking to her again and it's going to destroy her again. What can I do?


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  • I doubt the reason why she doesn't get along with all women she has met has to do with her appearance.
    Also, you keep idealizing her as a goddess, which is a really negative thing in my opinion. As to her speaking to her ex, it would honestly bother me if I was in your position. She can find other people to keep them as friends, why does she have to use her ex for that?


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  • 1. Her not having friends is not a matter of good luck or bad luck. That is a poor excuse for her shortcomings.

    2. You cannot save someone from self-destructive behavior unless they are suicidal and you lock them up.


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