He broke up with me twice? Said he didn't feel the spark anymore but said he loved me?

First time he broke up with me due to me confronting him about something. He comes back and I forgive him. Second time I confront him about another issue (both involved other girls) and he says I'm very comforting and I have a good personality/ that I'm pretty but doesn't feel the spark. I kept pushing it on why and he said he didn't want me anymore.

I was devastated. Didn't look at anything of his for a while. A few weeks later I wanted to see what he was up to. He was posing with another girl and he was at this place that we were supposed to go to as a date when we got back together but he never took me. He was also liking this other girls instagram pictures which was weird because I had a weird feeling how he never liked my social media things and when I asked why he said he doesn't like pictures. All the things he never did with me and I had a concern, he did brightly with new girls. I feel like shit because I treated him so nice and helped him/supported him with so many things. He was going through a lot and I tried to be there for him emotionally... I even wiped his tears away when he cried one time. He said he loved me... but who treats someone they love like that? It still hurts to this day that I was treated like dirt but treated him so nicely... what did I do wrong? Was I wrong for pushing the subject on why he didn't feel a spark?
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  • It want wrong to ask but it was very very stupid for you to have given him a 2nd chance. His tears were fake and I don't believe in the "I'm going through a lot" bullshit excuse. He's playing you like a fiddle. What do you think of him now?

    • I think I wanted to fix it more. If you read my comment with tdiesler I had to tolerate all of that. I asked him beforehand what he wanted and he said me. Said he loved me.. we only dated for 2 months. He said I had a trust issue so I was trying to trust him but my gut was screaming something was wrong so I stayed and just confronted or tried to communicate but apparently my communicating skills are bad. I knew I couldn't trust him as much when he told me he loved me after one month. I told him I was skeptical and he got mad and like you said had fake tears, so I opened myself up more and boom he shut me down and left both times like that.

    • Your skills aren't bad he's just a game playing jerk

    • I should've known because he played phone and computer games all day... everyday. 25 years old... no college and doesn't plan on it either. Just wanted to work. To each their own but I think I'll want someone that went to school at least...

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  • You did nothing wrong. He used you as a shoulder to cry on, but wasn't emotionally invested in you. He came back cause there was nobody to go to the first time, the second time is because he seeing other girls and has options now. He didn't use you physically, he used you emotionally.. now that he's fine he doesn't want anything to do with you. People like this are horrible, you don't want a user in your life cause I'm sure sooner or later one girls he's seeing is going to be in the same position. He did you a favor by breaking up with you, I know it hurts but it's better this way. Date a man who wants you, not some one who uses you.

    • He used me physically too... he gave me HPV. He used my naiveness since he was my first boyfriend and sex partner as well. I didn't think people like that were real in the world.. I've heard stories but didn't think they were true... it was a horrible experience and everyday I'm trying to get stronger and learn from it.

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What Guys Said 1

  • Sorry, after the SECOND confrontation, i started to side with HIM.
    You sound naggy as hell. dont you understand that guys just wanna be guys?
    I find it interesting that you said "confronted him about something"... then said "confronted him about another issue"... but.. BUT... you NEVER told us what the confrontation was about... making me think that you were probably being Petty and you KNOW IT.
    You dont gotta confront all the time boo boo... sometimes, make it a discussion, sometimes, bring it up as an off hand comment... you on the other hand sound like the "we gotta talk" kinda girl and EVERY guy knows what that means and we dont want to. Period.
    Im not surprised about his leaving... you gotta change your style of communication.

    • I never confronted at first. I hid everything in until he told me to open up. I confronted him because when we were at a party he didn't introduce me as his girlfriend. he started talking to a girl out of the blue whom I never met who he said is his best friend and I met his so called best friends. Second time was him texting me at 3am saying he was dancing with a girl and to think what I want... and left me a questionable voicemail like he was up to no good. He had a gambling and alcohol problem... doesn't remember what he does or say half the time. He called people a negro and a beaner. He always talked about his exes. Threatened to punch a wall.

      Perhaps the smaller issues I brought up were petty. Such as social media.. how come he never liked any of my pictures? But after we broke up he was liking a girls picture he met at the club who I confronted him about.
      Oh! He also never picked me up for a date.. said I was too far but drove to a party that was nearby my home. :)
      or are tho

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    • You know I've heard that a lot. Doesn't have what I need. Honestly I don't need anything because I can do everything myself. Most of the things I just want... hmmm good answer. Has me thinking.

    • Darling..."Need" is the lack of something we dont even know existed.
      "Want"... is the lack of something we can see.
      Only few people can see what they "need" (in relationships at least lol, i mean, i need some fruit right now, doesn't count here lol)
      in relationships, most people step over those that can give them what they need, in order to go for someone who will give them what they want. and women are more guilty of this than men. probably why they get cheated/dumped more.
      I know what i need, but only my fear stops me. cuz if i get it, i won't know what to do with it.

What Girls Said 1

  • I hope you'd forget about him and move on soon. I think I could feel your feeling. It hurts... a lot, but we can't do anything when a person wanna be with another girl. Just let him go, thats his loss for losing someone who loved him and always supported and was there for him. When you have good heart, your love does not have expiration. You'll meet someone who would value and treasure you, dear!

    • Yeah I hope so..
      it hurts still and I have painful memories as well.
      But I'm trying. If you read my comments for tdiesler I dealt with a lot with him. Everything I wanted.. he gave to another girl easily.

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