What does my friends with benefits want from me... really?

So I met this guy. We clicked, slept together and have spent every weekend Fri-monday morning and sometimes mid week together plus Thanksgiving and Christmas since November when we met. We talk and text everyday even when he leaves his house with me in it to go get food to cook for us. He has only taken me on two official dates and says he doesn't want a relationship with me. One reason he says is because he will be moving for his job again in August and the other is he wants to dateand pursue relationships other women. I always come to his house because I feel a bit embarassed about this situation. And haven't told anybody in my family or friends which he asks. He is not from my state and moved here for work so doesn't really have friends. He gives me money for want I choose and, gas money. and always wants to help even stayed in the ER with me when I wasn't feeling well and took me to his house in his car to take care of me only to bring me back 25 miles to my car at 6 in the morning and was late for work. And wanted to come to the hospital with me to see my dad and meet him. He tells me to date other people but he will do the same but he pulls me back again closer when I talk about other guys. In every way he acts like my boyfriend if not husband. Now he misses work when im there on Monday and just wants me over there all the time but he seems not so all over me sexually anymore so sometimes we just talk and cook, watch movies and laugh. He always says im unique and special and he appreciates me in his life then we are friends. Is he just playing me? waiting for a better option? or is he maybe falling for me? Soo confused. Help!
Give it to me straight cause I got options


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  • I think he's caught feelings but he knows he's moving away soon and won't be able to see you after that. I think he's just trying to distance himself because he knows it can't last forever. That's why he says you can both date other people (although he probably isn't). I think it was just friends with benefits for him at first but then became more over time. You do say that you had a click from the start and what you're describing is practically a relationship, you just aren't officially in one. He definitely cares about you more than just a friends with benefits kind of thing.

    • Thank you. Yeah this whole situation is crazy. I was celibate for 10 years before I met him and it is like he has this power over my heart.

  • A guy who wants you will tell you he wants you. If he is constantly stating he doesn't want commitment then he means it.

    • you're right too. He cried and told me he didn't want to lose me and declared we were exclusive then broke up with me then ask to be with me again when this other guy was bringing me flowees and took me on a date. Then broke up with me again. Now he just tries to suck up all my free time not workin to just talk for breathe on the phone

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