Girls, if a guy repeatedly comes up to you and walks/talks with you after class in college would you assume he may be interested?

I'm a hopeless romantic but not a horn dog, I always try talking to a girl for so much time before asking for a phone number etc, now when I talk it's obviously a limited time as we are going to class or leaving the campus etc and I can't speak forever so it's short couple minute bursts, but I only do it to her which I'm sure she notices etc, I only wonder as she seems very friendly and like a sweetheart beyond just her attractive looks etc so it kinda gives me hope that, if she does know I have interest, she's responding well however it could just be friendly etc. I'm not going to be some big flirt and obviously when I ask for a phone number it will tip her off I'm interested but girls if a guy repeatedly went up and walked by you and talked to you, even if small talk etc (I do ask about her and her major etc) would you after awhile assume he is interested.
  • I would assume there was a chance he was interested if he kept coming up and talking to me after class, I think there's a decent chance she knows you have an interest
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  • I wouldn't assume he was interested at all even if he did only walk and talk to me repeatedly, she probably doesn't think you're onterested
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The class only meets a couple times a week I should add so I've only been able to do this a couple times but again, even though I'm social she can't have missed that I go out of my way to keep talking with her and ask questions etc
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  • Yes I would assume that the guy was interested and since it seems that she keeps the conversation going and she doesn't try to shorten it so that she can get away then I would say she's most likely interested in you also

    • Okay, I've only done this a few times but like I said, it's only to her and she can't have missed that I walk out of my way to keep the conversation going, I'll talk with her like this a couple more weeks then ask for a phone number, that sound like a decent plan?

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    • Well she's with someone, told me right before the date realizing how I seen it... I told her how I did like her and hoped for more and she pleaded me to still go because she loves my company... we got along great, good rapport, wit back and forth was amazing and we are both very funny... if she were single I think she might have said yes to more... as it is while I was with her it's like my brain forgot and was so happy to just be close with her for a few hours... the moment she left it's been some of the most crushing loneliness I've experienced since I know she has someone else. She wants to hangout more and more and I love her as a person but it seriously kills me to be around her so much knowing I can't have her like that. I've honestly never even had a real date or even kissed a girl so this being so close and with how sweet and good looking she is (I got high standards) it kills the heart..

    • Ohh I'm sorry it really did seem like she liked you but its really good that she still wants to hang out and do things with you

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