Whats going on with my FWB? What should I do?

I met Tom two month ago online. I wasn’t really feeling him he was cute but I just got out a relationship so I was not looking for anything serious. We talked for a month and it didn’t really go anywhere so we stopped talking for a month and moved on. He texted me happy New Year and we went from there.

He came over my house two weeks later we had sex and that was it. We had sex 3 more times since then. He spend the night over my house, we kiss hello and goodbye. He texts me he misses me. When I leave his house he texts me “did you make it home safe?” “Good. It was good to see you” Then 3 nights ago I was telling him about the cities I like more and he said “I like you more” I said do you? He said “Yes” We talk almost everyday. He calls me babe. When I tell him Im going out he tell me “Have fun, be safe.

I don’t know what to do. I thought were just having sex but he confuses me. I had sex with him because he’s 29 and I’m 24. He just moved down here and he doesn’t have a car and he has 4 roommates so I didn’t see this going anywhere.


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  • Well, he hasn't mentioned you that he wants to be serious with you, so I doubt there is an issue yet. If you can't stand talking to him that much, you should feel free to tell him that.


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  • You have to establish the friends with benefits boundaries. He has become attached but doesn't want to push the matter to scare you off.

  • stop being PICKY!!!

    • Im not!!!

    • just have some sex and enjoy life, damn you are for sure.

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