Girls, what are your thoughts on my beliefs?

A woman I know is a good woman, she has been through a lot in her life and has a lot of good qualities, but she is very insecure, she has low self esteem. She seems to seek male attention (even mine which I was surprised about) and she tends to jump from relationship to relationship and has casual sex. None of these things are wrong and what a consenting adult does in their private life is no business of mine. However, she came on quite strong recently, she really wanted me to go to this social gathering she was going to, but I never gave her an answer and eventually she went with someone else. Since then she has kept her distance, I guess she has got the hint which is good.

My friends cannot believe that I have passed a potential opportunity to pursue this woman. She's beautiful and she's a good person but I do not believe we are compatible.

I'm a religious man, a conservative man and she is not religious, she is not conservative and that is why I chose not to pursue her, I believe we are truly incompatible but my friend's do not understand and believe I am insecure, intimidated and inexperienced and that's why I feel the way I do, but I disagree, I don't see why I would be insecure or intimidated. I don't believe I am in competition with anyone and I don't believe I am superior or inferior to anyone. I just believe that it is vital that a couple share the same values. A woman who be my description who lives a liberal lifestyle simply is not compatible with a conservative minded man.

So I don't shame any woman, the woman doesn't know why I haven't pursued her and she'll never know. I believe she deserves love, happiness and I wish her all the best but women like her are not for me.


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  • I see nothing wrong with your train of thought here. Why would anyone pursue something they know wouldn't work for them? Being more conservative, I'm guessing you're more into a relationship than something casual. In the case of this woman it seems she'd rather have something casual. You could not be happy in that situation, so congratulations on knowing yourself and walking away!


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