What will a guy think of a girl if he finds out she's been hiding that she has a boyfriend from him?

Let's say you text eachother and hang out with one another when you're together in a group and you even plan on getting lunch or coffee but he later found out you have a boyfriend, what will he think of the girl? Will he asume she has a crush on him?


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  • He may think you led him on if things were starting to get romantic. If it staid in the pure friendship zone then it will probably be okay

    • Will he assume that the girl thought he was cute or was interested in him?

    • He may have assumed interest was there yeah

  • Depends if you are treating this guy specially or not.


What Girls Said 1

  • I'd assume she was withholding it from him, cos she was attracted go him and wasn't happy with her boyfriend.

    If I'd been hanging out with a guy and he never mentioned he had a girlfriend I'd think it was weird , and kind of deceitful of him. I'd assume he had ulterior motives for not disclosing that to me

    • Will it be really obvious that a girl was attracted to him?

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    • The I'd assume she likes him in a romantic way , and doesn't want him know about her boyfriend in case it inhibits her chances with him

    • What happens if the girl cuts off contact with the guy and backs away immediately? Will the boy think she was scared of cheating or hurting her boyfriend?