Girls, 18-24 would you date a guy who didn't use/didn't have social media? Or would his online absence make you think something was wrong with him?

I am not a fan of the constant connection of the modern age, I used to have Facebook (the account is still out there) but don't use it anymore. I have snapchat but follow like 6 people. I simply prefer face to face connection and am smart enough to know a lot of social media is a facade people put up,

Anyway I've been told girls will think a guy is weird if she can't find him on social media or if he isn't popular on social media etc, they'll think he's weird or not interesting etc, girls what do you think?
  • I'm older than 24
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  • I wouldn't mind at all if a guy didn't use social media! If I liked him in person is date him
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  • I would think it was strange but it wouldn't bug me per say. I'd date a guy who didn't use social media
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  • If a guy who was talking to me was nowhere to be found online, or just didn't use a sparse account etc it would put me off honestly
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  • I don't give a sh*t about social media and I think it's far more valuable to get to know someone through experience, not cyber-stalk them, and this world where everything is media-focused is a pain, so I prefer he doesn't have social media honestly.


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