Best way to get dates on campus?

In college, when going up to an attractive chick and talking to her, after small talk, one compliment and cracking jokes... is it better to be direct and say something like "lets go out sometime... whats your number.." etc. Or is it better to be indirect and be like "oh we should chill on campus. (or make up some fake reason to ask for her number)... Whats your number?"

Whats better? Direct and blunt? Or subtle and indirect?

I personally like being direct and have had mixed results with it. I just want some opinions.


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What Girls Said 1

  • I'd prefer direct


What Guys Said 1

  • When it comes to picking up, mixed results are good results.

    I think direct (as you define it) is probably fine.

    Interestingly 'lets chill' may actually suggest hooking up more than friendship.

    What's your goal?

    • I want to meet a wholesome girl and see where ut goes. Whether its a loving relationship or a hookuo... I dont care. I have no expectations because that shit hurts when they aren't met.

    • Stick direct, it's the most 'dating' path, but not inappropriately so. If she's not single or remotely interested in dating, she'd say no, and that's fine.

    • Good point, I agree.

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