I'm 19 gonna go on a date with this girl she's also 19 please read details for more?

So I'm taking this girl out and picking her up but I totaled my car and now I have a crapy car a Chevy cavalier should I borrow someone's car cause first impression is everything of just go out in mine and use it as a story


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  • I'm sure she won't care about what kind of car you pick her up in. I like the idea of using it as a story, though. It'd make interesting conversation I bet :)


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  • If she is going to be turned off because you're driving a car, then she ain't worth it. Make a joke, say that this isn't your car, it's far to fancy then your actual car. Besides your 19, you're not expected to have a high end car.
    Stick to social status, show her that you have high goals and are highly motivated in obtaining those goals.


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