Opinion on speed dating events (for valentines week)? I'm 24?

I'm not sure if I have time for a relationship right now but I'm too busy and lazy to hit up bars to meet girls so I'm thinking of trying this. whats your opinion? I'm hoping there will be cute girls there since it is valentine (more girls want dates -> more girls at speed dating events)
oh and I just got out of grad school so I don't have a job yet and prob won't until the event's over. would that reduce my chances at the event? Should I wait till I get my job?


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  • I'd say go for it what do you have to lose? Either way you can still have a good time - not having a job isn't always a deal breaker ESP if you just got out of school, as long as you can go on a economical date I don't see the issue- good luck!

  • Hm I thought about doing this it might work

    • isn't there a stigma that only "losers" or older people go to speed dating events though? what made you think of going and why are you reluctant?

    • Well I am a bit of a nerd but I'm not a loser. More like smarter pants 👖 😂 And I'm okay with that.

      It would be really fun to meet people not just sit in the house and mope? Because you have no one. Go out, dance, have fun! It's only once a year and you never know. Maybe you'll meet someone.

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