Girls could this attract you and get you more interested with these personality traits?

so I know it's good if a guy approaches a women in a nice way but what about after that wouldn't it get boring I think us males should mix it up a little. for example what if a guy was confident, dominant, bold, honest, opinionated and not agreeable I think a man should take charge and pursue a women. If a man can mix it up a little he should keep the girl interested not like being an ass hole but you know what I mean wouldn't this keep you girls interested or even hooked. in my opinion I hate being the nice guy it goes nowhere tbh also what do you think who's with me


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  • It's called "playing games", as I told you, and it isn't nice, it's manipulation.

    • a hahahah well next semester is soon so how can I be confident

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    • It depends how different people perceive your behaviour, it's irrelevant how I perceive something you do because that won't necessarily be how another girl perceives it. So if I find something attractive, it doesn't mean someone else will.

    • check out my recent question I'm so passionate can you give me a opinion

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