Is it me or something I'm doing wrong or is the dating game really that bad?

Just wondering if I'm doing something wrong or not. I started an attempt at dating about three years ago with no luck and 7 girls later it seems I have just as bad luck as when I just started. Some of the girls friendzoned me while one or two was emotionally unavailable and the rest just played games. What seemed to be consistent with all of them though is that they all led me on.


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  • Do you consider yourself attractive? How do you usually approach those girls?


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  • I'm trying to figure it out too. Everything you say girls do to you. They did to me. I can get far but I jus someone I can call my own. Seems like either I'm not dominant, I'm not confident or emotional unavailable. What ever the case is, I see it as me not falling for the wrong one. Imagine if these girls pulled this stunt while your emotionally invested in them. It'd hurt more. Your just meeting girls who is not ready to settle down and is immature.

    • What was bad about the last one is that not only did she friendzone me but she also decided to go back to her ex too which is bad because both me and my friends know it won't last long.

    • Girls of this generation will be marriage material after they matured and settle down. That'll be in mmmmmmmm around there 27-35. When girls are 15-18 they are immature and want attention and love from bad boys or guys with great confidence. 18-27 is there whoring years where they sleep around and fuck up. Get endless of heart breaks and build there walls up and probably have a kid or two. Still immature. 27 -old age. Used up, no good, bitter and wants a real man. She finally see what she really needs. And goes after nice guys, gentleman, or use guys for her own gain. Depending on the women.

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