My girlfriend of 4 months lives with her ex due to not being able to afford a place on her own. I love her but it's getting hard for me what should I do?

my girlfriend dated a guy for 5 years they have a 4 year old. They have been broken up for a year but she doesn't have much money and is trying to find a place for her and her son. We have been dating for 4 months and I love her and she loves me a lot and I know she is honest with me and doesn't cheat. She says they never really talk unless for their son and they always fight. She told me from the beginning about her situation but i chose to stay and I asked why she gave me a chance and she said that after she told me about the situation if I stayed then she would give me a chance becuase it showed her I was there for her and care for her. I see her after work 3 times a week for maybe 1 to 2 hours. We talk everyday and she tells me everything. She is trying to get an apartment and wants to move on it's just been time consuming and I feel like I'm running low on patience. I love her but it feels like it's getting harder for me. I honestly feel more upset then I do happy with her and she knows this and feels bad but she tells me don't worry please this won't last forever I promise when it's over we will be happy together I love you. She doesn't want me around her son until she moves out and gets him used to the change first then I can get to know him and when he's comfortable with me she wants me to move in. I know when it's over it will be worth it but right now it doesn't feel like a relationship to me and I feel upset. Does anyone have any advice to offer to help me through this or what they think? Anything would help thanks.


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  • And u don't let her move n with u y?

    • When my parents got divorced my house was part of the settlement so I'm currently at my dads I wanted to build a house but since she is going to get an apartment I just decided to wait becuase she said she wants me to move in when the time is right

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