Girls, How to fix this?

Girls, How to fix this? About six months ago I started talking to the girl from my school when she was abroad. It was going well she expressed she was very interested in me but wanted to take things slow, and we would see what happens once i get to school. I agreed, we both talked to and hooked up with other people. we sent each other letters and stuff it was a good thing. She just got back to campus and things have been going well, we were hanging out taking things slow it seemed to be going not that bad. This weekend though she was being weird i asked her if everything was okay, she said she heard rumors from multiple sources that I had told a bunch of people in my frat that we were dating and i showed them nudes and we shouldn't talk anymore. This is all completely false and tbh i would never do anything like this. Also, funny thing is 4 people at the start of school approached me in her abroad program saying that she told them we were dating when she was abroad... i didn't mention this to her in our argument. I was very shocked and apologized and really tried to meet in person she said she was mad at me right now and didn't want to talk, but she said she believed everything they said. We went back and forth but obviously i was saying the most and she was keeping it very cut and dry saying she was mad at me and didn't want to talk about this right now. What should i do? this is all a lie and im super frustrated because i never did any of this and i really like this girl. psa she didn't even send me any so its obvious that this is such a bullshit rumor


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  • I would tell her the truth. Girls like honesty and lies are a huge turn off. Try to explain to her what you just said exactly like that. I'm sure she'll get it. If not, then she's the one who's missing out.

    • i did like we went back and forth for awhile i was sending like really long text messages and stuff, i guess she likes that. I didn't not do anything wrong and i would not lie to her like i wouldn't want to fuck this up.

    • Then she's obviously missing out. You told the truth and gave it a chance while she is obviously not willing to put in any effort. Maybe she just doesn't think it'll work out... or maybe she doesn't want it to work out. Either way, you really don't have much say in what she says or does.

  • she's acting stupid if they said they saw her nudes and she never sent you any she should know the people telling her this are lying


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