I have a feeling toward a tough guy?

I met this guy about 2 weeks ago through some social network. He suggested me to go out for coffee and he said he preferred meeting the real person. I've never met any guy from social network before so this is my first meeting offline , I guess !
After the 1st meeting , we kissed and like " uhm... this guy seems not so bad and I feel comfortable when talking to him. So after that we start hang out more often. I'm an Asian and he was born and live in New Zealand but his original is Hongkong. However he's definitely think like western guy.
I found out he's truly a workaholic person so he's rarely text , and only do it when he's free but not like into it. I'm fine with it but somehow lonely. He said that he like talking face to face and he's not easy let emotions control himself. I'm having fun with him but sometimes he make me feel sad like being left out.
We're just hang out , dating but not in any relationship.
I don't know what I should do with him? Should I accept the person he is or trying to open hos heart?


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What Guys Said 2

  • Tough guys will open their hearts up eventually around the right girl

    • I told him so. But for now , I'm thinking like " does he really care or just think of me when he need "

  • You are an Asian from where?

    And a small feeling, you feel comfortable with him and interested

    • From vietnam. I feel comfortable around him. Sometimes just look at each other and smile.

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    • What should i react? Accept it or... what?

    • Accept it won't happen, it will need time to happen. A lot of time.

What Girls Said 1

  • Give him another chance. Go in another date with him. He might be one of those people who hate texting.

    • Well I'm giving him another chance now. But he's really into work too much.

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