Is it weird to text a girl you haven't seen or talked in months?

I haven't seen or talked to this girl I really like since 4 months ago. We met at a university event (despite going to the same university, I've never seen her around). We hung out 3 times alone (coffee, study date, and coffee again). I asked her out on a real date and she said she had plans. I think it was because I was not being myself and was really unconfident. I was funny in the beginning , then became really boring at the end.
Can I text her and ask her for coffee again? I'm pretty sure I will look desperate, is that a turn off? Will she be like, "why does he still have my number?"

She was actually the one who asked me for my number and asked me out to coffee. So she had to be some what interested in me in the beginning, but I blew it because I'm stupid.


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  • She turned you down because she didn't want to go out with you, it's that simple. You can ask again and see if her response changes, but I doubt it will.


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