Was this a type of rejection? Did he not like me in person?

I met a guy online. We have been friends on Facebook for a couple of months now. We have chatted for a few hours straight, overnight. We got along great. We mentioned meeting a few times but it never happened. Then, there was an event that we both could be at last night. I noticed he was going, so i made sure to go. Well, when I got there, I arrived late, missed the big part of the event, but he happened to be outside with 3 other people when I arrived. I was only with one of my friends. We stood a few feet from him, and they all looked my way, they knew I was there and that it was me. He and I never met eyes. I walked past him and inside. A few minutes later he walked in, but then didn't look at me, and then they all left. I left soon after and messaged him I had seen him but I was shy so I didn't say hi. He opened my message and didn't respond.

Sooo is this rejection or what
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  • Something similar happened to me once
    we'd been talking for over a month on a daily basis. he was the one to send me good morning texts all the time.

    he always mentioned to meet up, but couldnt because he was away. finally, when he was back, he asked me if I would go to a club where he was going with his friends. Since this didn't sound like a proper date or interest to me, I told him that I wasn't sure as I planned to go out with my friends to a different place. I told him that I would let him know. I did let him know and I saw him when we entered the club.
    He came to me and talked for 30 seconds with me, but left to join his friend later. This was some kind of strategy as he expected me to follow him! Well, I obviously didn't join them, as he started talking with a girl all the time; also, she was very touchy and couldnt let go of him. I had a nice evening with my friends and when he left with that girl, he stared at me on purpose. Later, I asked him what was up and he explained to me that he expected me to follow him around in that club and he thought that I was playing games, because I didn't go to him. Dude, you were flirting with a girl! No one with a brain is gonna mess up with your fun! I saw him a few times at work and he was really weird too. He could barely talk with me considering that we had nice text conversations before.
    I was pretty disappointed and felt bad, because we seemed to click over text, but it was really awkward in person.
    One time he passed my work and caught him staring at me, and he waved when I saw him. This was also really weird as he could have contacted me over text. I did not text him after that incident (I guess he expected that), because I like secure guys and not insecure ones who will flirt with another girl in front of the girl they were supposed to meet.

    As a rule, you should not talk to much with a guy online. Try to set up a date yourself. If he doesn't make time, just move on.
    I think the situation is kind of awkward now and I would stop contacting him for a while...


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  • It sounds to me like it was an unexpected and awkward encounter. He was with his friends, you were with yours, he wasn't anticipating you being there and was thrown off by you just showing up. An initial meeting would've probably been way more comfortable one on one.

  • Im so sorry, he did reject you, maybe he was unsure from the beginning since he started to chat with you, since he didn't really care to organize something with you, just forget him babe ;)

  • Yep. m the least he could do was acknowledge you're existence.

  • If I were you, I would probably assume that he is not into me.


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