Is this guy actually interested?

I've recently met a guy on OkCupid and seen each other twice so far within a week. We both work nightshift hours in an ER and our first unplanned random date was at 4 in the morning and we met for breakfast. Stayed for a good two hours and talked. We then had a pretty heavy makeout session but it didn't lead to sex. Skip to a few days later that week we met up in the early hours after I got off work. I had actually checked my OkCupid and found that he disabled his account. I didn't ask him about it when we met. We talked for a bit then had amazing sex (he was definitely focused on me getting off) and then we talked again afterward. It's been three days since and we still talk in text. We are suppose to maybe hang out tomorrow, but no sure plans yet. My question is what do you think about a guy disabling his OkCupid account early on? And my other question is what about him not initiating any text, but he always replies to mine. Sometimes he's very fast at texting and other times he slows down to replying every three or four hours. Should I get that bugged by his texting? He says he's not that into social media and hates when people are always on their phone, but I know he texts his buddies a lot. So what gives?


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  • It's a good sign he disabled OK Cupid, since he feels he;s found someone for the long term.. hopefully!

    A lot of people aren;t always checking their phone, so give him a break on that. Since he told you he isn't that much into social media, take his word for it. I'm sure his buddies have to wait for his replies as well.

    • by the way, welcome to Girls/Guys! I see this is your first question... after 2 days..

  • either he disabled it because he's confident that you're the one or he already has a girlfriend/ wife and was worried she was going to find it

    • Let's hope it's not a girlfriend or wife. He says he doesn't have either, but that he was dating someone awhile ago but they went back and forth until it finally ended.

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    • Lol thanks Glen. It just sucks because it's new and things are so unsure at this point.

    • you're welcome. I completely understand

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  • Girl, i am so sorry, but you jumped into the fire way way way too quick, he got bored already, he already got you and humped you, he saw everything from you, you didn't put up any mystery for him to resolve, there was nothing to catch, no sparkling and no butterflies in your tummies... im not trying to be mean, bout you guys moved way too fast forward instead of taking things slowly... try to distance yourself from him and show him that you are not THAT EASY... take care <3


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