Should I try again? Did he have feelings for me?

I was seeing this guy for a little over a month. He had asked me out and we spent quite a lot of time together, getting to know each other well. I felt we hit it off and had lots of fun together. He had recently broke up with his ex two months prior tho, but told me he was over it. But out of nowhere one night he said he wasn’t over her and I said we should just stay friends.

I told him we should be friends because he told me he wasn’t over his ex, I didn’t want to get involved with someone who wasn’t over an ex. But I genuinely did like spending time with him so I said we should stay friends. We didn’t see each other for two months because of work (I was working on a project in another country for two months). After I got back, anytime and every time he’d see me he would still always be near me, flirty and only talking to me, trying to kiss me. I would turn him down, every time.

I definitely felt a connection, in the beginning.. that there was something between us.. but is that just me overthinking?:( I still find my self thinking about him occasionally and having some feelings even though I’ve tried not to talk to him/see him. It’s been almost two months since I’ve seen him or talked to him.

I’m obviously attracted to him and did catch some feelings for him before… I feel I maybe pushed him away and gave him mixed signals? do you guys think he had some feelings for me? Does he think I want to just be friends? Did I give him mixed signals? My roommates and I are having a house warming party and We are inviting everyone. He is friends with our mutual friends also. Do I invite him?


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  • nope u did the right thing this relation would've ended badly trust he is not over her... and no u dont invite him show him u r over him and he'll apologize and come to ya

    • He'll apologize? for what? and you think he's still not over her? Its been over 6 months now. and he'll come to me? I really do miss being around him as friends tho as well.

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    • so what do i do?

    • dont invite him

What Girls Said 2

  • Okay so i think he UNDERSTOOD very well where you are coming from and im sure he knows why you turned him down, and HONESTLY i applaud you for doing that. He told you that he is not over his ex, which is correct and fair for him to be honest to you, and of course he knows that you don't want to be involved in this and this is also fair.

    So i don't think you gave him mixed signals, i think you should invite him, why not? I think this is exciting and you should find out what he wants and why he tends to try even if he told you that he is not over his ex... IS HE READY NOW? IS HE OVER HER NOW?

    You should find out, invite him, try to talk with him, OFC DON'T ALLOW him to get intimate with you in any way, but im sure you know what you are doing you seem like a very smart girl so ;) you didn't even need to ask this.

    Good luck <3

    • I appreciated his honesty about his ex because a lot of guys these days would just say whatever just to sleep with you and not be true about their feelings. They wouldn't care if they are leading you on and hurting your feelings. Thanks for much for the advice!! I just really didn't want to get hurt and don't want to look stupid by being the one who has feelings for him if he doesn't have any for me and being the one making the effort:( It has been a few months now so maybe he has moved on.

    • I hope that he has moved on for his OWN EMOTIONAL HEALTH, and i really really hope he doesn't take you for granted and plans to play with you, because you sound like an amazing girl,
      Wish you the best luck sweety <3

  • No he didn't


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