When a guy texts "goodbye" is he really done?

My boyfriend and I got into a argument. I accidentally got paranoid about something and texted him too much. Now he's calling me crazy psycho. We started dating last month he recently drove 2 hours to see me and 2 hours back to where he lives and I just bought him an Xbox. We are both 21 in college. So is it really over? He said "you're crazy goodbye". This is my first relationship, so did we break up? Or was that just an argument that felt like it's over. I aplgoized to him. But he won't accept my apology. We were fighting all day. Any advice? Or should I just move on

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  • I'm not voting because they're both wrong. He needs space to decide if he wants the relationship to continue. Give him a couple days or even a week then try to talk to him. Start with an apology for being dramatic and tell him you would like to work it out. Let him cool down then try to talk to him. Make sure to correct the mistake and don't jump to conclusions. If the relationship is indeed over, use it as a learning experience.

    Instead of being sad it's over, be happy it happened in the first place and grow as a person from the experience.


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  • I don't think it's a breakup.


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  • other dude is right.
    it's a powerplay
    he wants you to come back to him
    just wait for him to talk to you
    and if he never does then that's it

  • its a damn powerplay dont take it seriously

  • why u bought him an xbox its like 300 dollar

  • You bought him an Xbox? wow

    • and it's just an argument. fight happens. You guys are together. he drives 2 hours to see you

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