I can not move on from a girl I got rejected from four months ago?

The main reason i can not move on is because she is in my friends group. Also, she still wants to uang out a lot. I am usually the one who initiates plans but she always says yes and always has a great time. I do not know how I can move on because everytime we hang, I do not make it obvious but i get jealous because i wish she was my girlfriend. I do not know what to do can i get some tips


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  • Stop contacting her and hang out with other people as well. Form other connections, don't hang out with just your regular group.


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  • I'm in the same boat, but it's been going on for a couple years. We tried it again a couple times but she always broke it off quickly. Only way to move on is to put space between you two

    • So should i wait for her to initiate plans then? Should i just not ask her to hang out? I feel like that might separate us more

    • I say enjoy your life and be friends with her, and try to look for someone else. if it gets too painful to bear, then put distance between you two. you can be friends with her while having a huge crush as well

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