Am I wasting my time?

Okay so I guess I'll start off with a warning before I jump into this: yes, I know it sounds a bit cleche and I know how things like this typically turn out but I truly like this guy. I'm 19 and I started talking to someone who's 10 years older than me. I know what you're thinking: what would a 29 year old want with a 19 year old and I know the answer seems clear but it was all me who iniated things and he made it very clear to me that he regardless of romantic feeling gets involved or not he doesn't care and he's rather have me as a friend than nothing at all. I think I'm really starting to like him and he's told me he's really into me as well. We get along really well, we love to talk and have great conversations. I guess I'm a vit nervous since my friends are telling me to be cautious, which I am but I want a strangers opinion on whether they think I'm reaching too far out of my bounds here or if I'm overthinking it. Thanks.


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  • Are you 19, or under 18?

    • I'm 19

    • Be cautious not paranoid.

      Guys generally look for looks and sexual availability short term.

      Long term they want that plus 'sweet', plus gets along with friends. Guys who are smart tend to often enjoy girls who are bright and curious about the world. But her being experienced? Not really something that makes her more (or less) attractive to us.

      Most guys aren't looking for something that serious - and that's true whether you date another 19 year old, or a 29 year old. Most things don't last. But i'm not sure the odds are that much worse.

      If you like him, he makes you happy, and treats you well, enjoy.

      Note if he's hiding you from his friends and family, that's a sign.

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  • As long as you're of age, age is just a number.


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